Копирование сделок на форекс
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Description Trading Strategy

In short the essence of our strategy is as follows: Our program trades automatically on the basis of technical analysis and fundamental analysis more.

The signal input

We are entering the market at lower levels to buy. On certain levels. The latest versions of the program input is divided into several parts, which allows you to "hook" more deals.

Exit from the market

We work with natural channel. Trade from edge to edge of the channel.

How to get out in the event of loss

We do not go out of the market in the event of negative returns, if our vision in the same direction the market remain. If the market situation changes, then the transaction will be closed in any of their profit/loss and is open opposite transaction.

Money management

Of course, the transaction size is calculated automatically and depends on the current size of the funds in the account. Therefore, as deposit growth will continue to grow, the size of transactions and profits. Also transaction size depends on some other conditions.


We focus on the most demanding investors and the size of transactions has been chosen with an exemplary benchmark for the maximum drawdown of 10-15%. Copying the transaction you can reduce their size several times and it is predicted to reduce the drawdown value for greater stability of the deposit, but you will lose the corresponding share of the profits.

To view the schedules of our trade, you can in the monitoring section