Копирование сделок на форекс
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Partnership program

Forex partnership program

Partner program

Partners earn commissions, inviting customers to copy our trade.

To get started, register a separate personal account.

Then, in your account register affiliate account. Do not be put off by the upper fields, they are not required in the event that if you have nothing interesting to talk about his experience as a partner or experience in Forex. We can only do the mandatory fields, which are located at the bottom of the page.

Next, locate the promotional materials in partnership office. Here you will find your affiliate link forex4you. Her you can send to people you want to attract to trade Forex. Her views about the following: http://www.forex4you.org/?affid=84d1a01. Engaging people on this link, you can not carry out building on the site FX-Experts.ru

In case if you offer the same trade in the market with a copy of transactions FX-Experts.ru site, make a affiliate link to our website as follows:
where 84d1a01 is your ID (you have a different value). Your ID can be seen separately in the advertising materials of the affiliate office on the Forex4you website or cut out from your affiliate link Forex4you.


Go to the site FX-Experts.ru on your affiliate link investor will register through our website "under you", you will see it in their Forex4you Affiliate office and will receive a fee for its trading volumes.


Alternative links: http://www.fx-experts.ru/a_84d1a01


Place a link to the wall in contact, in the statuses, blog, twitter... Pass it to a friend with a story about the opportunity to increase cash. The main thing to do is spam or compulsively

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