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Investment news

✎ 08.05.2017 20:58
Extend the boundaries! Today we translated the site into Chinese. Many thanks to Chong Li.

✎ 03.11.2015 08:23
Friday was closed, the account which was named «September 2015 x2». On the chart You will see a line of balance gone down dramatically. Be careful, it's not the drain. There, in the statistics of monitoring, provided that all funds withdrawn. 2 month bill was hanging in a small drawdown, sometimes going a plus, but not reaching the level of profit. We are now planning to change the strategy. Still our goal is steady growth and low risk.

✎ 24.04.2015 21:19
Recently we have proposed investing in opening new offices, providing access to the Forex market. The company promised 30-50% per annum. Now I want to clarify one point. Information about investing in the opening of the offices You will find on the website. Now it is called differently. And now the promise of 60% per annum! «Promise», «promise»! We have checked their offer and after the third quarter's accrual, i.e. after 9 months, took their money back with interest. It was 100 dollars invested that have grown at 131.90 Is 32%, but it is still only 3/4 of the year. Now charges monthly. And there are various options for attachments. Investing in up to 60% per annum.

✎ 16.04.2015 00:00
Trading results for the first two weeks one of the new accounts (NDD, x4).