Копирование сделок на форекс
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Copy of the transaction on the market

To copy the trades, open a trading account, which will be to trade.

If you already have a personal account with the accounts in the company Forex4you, then half the battle to copy you have already done. And move on to the next paragraph! So, what is to create a personal account and an account, go to website Forex4you. On it, click on the right at the top of «My Account» then click on «Register». Fill in English letters. Enter necessarily real data. Relying on them will derive a profit. Next will be immediately asked to create your first account. Recommended parameters: Account currency: USD; Spread: Fixed; Minimum quantity: 10 units (Cent); Tick ​​that free-awap account (if you open an account to trade only on the AUD/USD buying, then do not put a tick); Receive reports: optional; Leverage: 1:100; Specify a password to open a trading account. The first password you specified for private office, which may be several of your accounts. And here is the password for the account that you open now through this password you open this account for the observation through the trading terminal. Also, the password for the transfer of funds and withdrawal of profits. And in the end, set the opportunity to change the password the account (just in case). Next, you will need to confirm that you are familiar and agree with all the rules and the score will be created. If at the same time carry out the registration of the Personal Cabinet, you will receive a letter with a PIN code and a link to activate the office.

The size of the deposit

If you are a new member, it seems, you are interested in the size of the minimum deposit. He regularly calculates service share4you copy. To our delight, he does, apparently, on the same algorithm as we do.

upd: see the publication of «The minimum deposit»


The size of the deposit

If you have already tested the opportunity to make us think and how to invest in this profitable business. We recommend that you invest no more than 20% of your savings. If you have no savings, which is quite often the case, we recommend that for half a year to invest in the expense of 10% of your salary. Whatever it was, the fact is that the deposit must not be too small to generate a considerable profit. But it should not be too high, so that in case of a system crash you lose no more than 20% of the funds.

Here we would like to mention the existence of virtually risk-free investments. You can invest the amount equal to one and another project in the event of a crash, the second offset losses. Of course, two sources of investment should not be limited, if you know reliable others. Be careful.

Tip: You can top up your account at any machine instant payments


After the you have opened, and filled up an account, you can copy trades from one of our accounts. Select it, you can own your own taste. Links to copy placed in the "Monitoring" section, it will be easier to choose the trading account of it you want to copy to your account.